MSN not working after installing MSN plus


Greetings everyone, I’ve downloaded MSN Plus from (Escargot MSN Server)'s page download and installed it then MSN stopped working with this error, I’ve tried uninstalling MSN plus and it didn’t work.


try to restart your pc,i did it and it works


Are you sure you might not be having some sort of network problem? The error code translates to: ERROR_INTERNET_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED. This could be a DNS problem, but is it possible you might have enabled a proxy somehow? If I recall, older versions of Messenger Discovery use a proxy to operate.

You can check in the Internet Options, Connections tab, LAN settings button in the Control Panel.


I restarted it many times, didn’t work.


Well, no it is not enabled.


Sorry for the bump, but still need help before the thread drowns.


Msgplus shouldn’t affect the connection. Which MSN do you have? Pre-patched?

This is a long shot, but try unchecking “Automatically detect settings”, I have some vague memory of that fixing random internet problems.


Thanks! it worked, but I can’t promise anything for the future, let’s hope it will stay like this.

But should I risk it and redownload MSN plus?


Definitely, plus is worth the risk.


Great it is working! thanks man I appreciate it. One less problem to worry about now, we got the solution I guess :smiley: