MSN Messenger WEB is here BUT

I found it on It’s msn msngr web14 years old web project by Andrew Fuller and i’m try to path it (patching like msn 5-6 in, it’s does’nt work… look at this project. It’s possible to revive it? (279.9 KB)

and lol i can upload html elements to topic


MSN 1 Icon MSN 1 Supported [1]
MSN 2 Icon MSN 2 Supported [1]
MSN 3 Icon MSN 3 Supported [1]
MSN 4 Icon MSN 4 Supported [1]
MSN 5 Icon MSN 5 Supported
MSN 6 Icon MSN 6 Supported
MSN 7 Icon MSN 7 Supported
MSN 8 Icon WLM 8 Supported [2]
MSN 14 Icon WLM 14 Not Yet
MSN 15 Icon WLM 15 Not Yet
MSN 16 Icon WLM 16 Not Yet

Tried to patch it myself, but how do i run it? Firefox doesn’t accept PHPs, there’s no html page in the zip.

Also did you try to patch the string : (http%3A%2F%2Fmessenger%2Emsn%2Ecom) ?

i can’t figure it out is not it’s server.
The server is
I tried it
And How you open the MSN Web on this file? is old url of messenger, btw

MSN Messenger Web requires ActiveX i think

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