Msn messenger not working :(

Hey everyone,

Am totally new here, and i was searching on youtube for the old awesome MSN memories, and i suddenly discovered all about Escargot!

I created a new account, with my Gmail, downloaded different versions, non is logging in!

Hence, Am from Egypt, and i hope it’s not any sort of a proxy thing, am not a geek, sorry guys :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the awesome efforts! really brings me back lovely memories <3

  1. What OS are you using to run MSN?
  2. Which version of MSN are you running?
  3. Did you choose the download options that were labelled “pre-patched”? Those have the necessary patches to make MSN connect to Escargot’s servers.
  4. Nope. It’s 100% custom and uses its own architecture and servers. Hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:
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  1. Windows 10 Pro
  2. i tried 8.5, 5.0 and 8.1, English versions, non is working
  3. Just installed the pre-patched version of 8.5, gave me another error, went for troubleshooting, Key ports is giving me an error, clicked repair, several failed attempts, turned my firewall off, still the same issue.

Hope this gave you more details about my problem :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hmm. The problem might be that your password is greater than 8 characters? While Escargot’s system doesn’t care about that, some MSN clients have issues with logging onto accounts when their password is more than 8 characters. This includes the versions you tried testing, and the only solution would be to reset your account’s password so it’s 8 characters or less (I’d recommend 8 characters).

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Did all that

Also Error code is 80072ee7

This looks more like a problem with connectivity to the servers then.

On the login window, go to Tools > Options… (if you don’t have that, click on the Help button below the X button and check “Show the menu bar”), then click on the Connection button in the Options window, click on Advanced Settings, and under “TCP”, click Test and see if it can actually connect to the servers.

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Yeah that looks like something’s preventing you from connecting to the servers. I’d visit (different from, the site) in a web browser just to double check and make sure you didn’t download the wrong type of client, though. If that doesn’t show a 404 or white page then that probably means a firewall or ISP is messing around with your attempts to access Escargot.

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HTTP 404 error

That’s odd… Microsoft Edge can’t find this page

That means the servers are accessible. I’d wager something’s preventing you from using the main Escargot service however (Escargot’s IM service is hosted on port 1863, different from the one used for websites, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that port’s being blocked). Either that, or you still have the unpatched client installed for some reason.

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Just in case, I’ll offer a direct link to the pre-patched WLM 8.5 here.

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Just installed the version you sent, Error code 80048821.

but when am running the test on TCP, this is actually what i get

That means you probably installed an unpatched client beforehand. Now you’re all set for your experience now that Messenger can actually connect to Escargot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I realized what you wrote on top. Weird. Did you get around to resetting your password?

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yes i did, weird enough, i changed my password successfully 3 times

but when i run the test on TCP, it shows that i can connect

The connection troubleshooter always complains about a key port even when things are technically dandy. I wouldn’t use that as an accurate sign of any problems occurring for the time being.

Oh and are you resetting your password from and not through Gmail (going by your profile)? Accounts on Escargot are separate from your real account and thus things regarding your Escargot account have to be dealt with on its servers.

Yes, same link.
I enter my gmail account, sends me a confirmation link to visit to enter a new password, then i click change password

Now that i’ve tried this step almost 10 times, am sure it’s not a password not an email issue!


I haven’t registered a new account on Escargot in months, maybe a whole year, so I don’t know if your problems are from the fact you just registered a new account or something else is going on.

I see you have old MSN support checked in the screenshot, so I can probably ask you to try out MSN 1 - 3 (the MSN 4 version we have doesn’t work with the patches for it at the moment) and see if you can log on through there (make sure you download this file to patch it; it’s just a simple registry modification that sets the server address to Escargot for those versions).

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Hey thanks, i’ll try that tomorrow, maybe i get some coffee for that as my head is super heavy right now for this kind of information :")

Thank you!!!

A pleasure to help you. :slight_smile: