MSN Messenger not connecting when MSN Explorer is running


When I have MSN Explorer connected (to Microsoft’s server), if I try to log in to Escargot MSN Messenger 7.0 by clicking Log in (it’s written Click below to log in), the Log in button doesn’t do anything.

It can’t be a server problem, because MSN Explorer uses Microsoft’s server. What could be the problem ?

Thank you in advance for your help…

patch it

MSN Messenger or MSN Explorer ? The version of Messenger I use is the patched MSN Messenger 7.0 found on the Escargot website.

I just tried connecting to Messenger and then connecting to MSN Explorer, and it works…

Interesting that you even use MSN Explorer in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, this is the new official release of April 2018 from Microsoft (we still have to pay, but it uses IE 11 and everything is up to date).