MSN Messenger is back, so are its users!


hey everyone!

I just reinstalled MSN Messenger and Messenger Plus! along with it. Everything is working great, it’s a wonderful trip down memory lane. It’s particularly nice to see that after all this time, Messenger is still as useful/powerful/practical as ever.

I realize I’m not the only one posting about this but for whoever is interested, you can add me back: pat****@pat****.com . My account can at least try to re-centralize many good old friends and in any case, I feel much better chatting in Messenger than I am in whatever new app is cool at the moment.

Take care,


Glad to have you here @Patchou :grinning:


Hey, I’m adding you!


i am yellows111@winmessenger47.escargot, you was in my " Other’s, Group 3 (MNO, PQRS)" group, now your in “Amazing People of Escargot/MSN”.


I brought Patchou to Escargot! Welcome!


Welcome to the Escargot’s community, Patchou!


in before: 100+ users on list queue for you to logon.
PS: side blog on Escargot Spaces? (maybe not)