Msn messenger for the psp!

Hello, today I was installing some homebrew apps for my PSP when I found THIS:
Could someone please fix it to work with the Escargot server? Thanks!
Oh fack, I was here checking the javascripts and seems that it is just a htm that makes a interface to an old website that you can talk with a MSN account or something like that.
Maybe it will still possible to use with Snailscape Snailscape Chat: Presentation
I’ll post a picture as a comment.

this PSP application worked in a way, a much different way and it worked by HTTP.
It has been compiled to make the button work as hyperlinks so when you click, as example Yahoo!,
it will show you the web version of it, or the website itself.

Slimescape Chat does work via HTTP, but i must say i don’t think it will work, because we are not
PSP application experts.

Best regards,

Okay, thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

Something like this could work I believe. The client used is just in an iframe and the chat and page itself work on IE6, firefox 2, and most browsers of that age. just a matter of making the format fit I would think. I don’t have a PSP so I can’t test anything.