MSN Messenger emoticons, display pictures, & more!

Hey, I am back, sorta! Happy holidays btw. :slight_smile:

Here’s a site that I found, which has a CE/DP Stealer (tool for stealing Messenger Display Pictures, Emoticons and more, not sure if it works), Emotion Packs, Profile Pictures and more!


just to be sure i’ve backupped all of downloable files from homepage, so they won’t get lost.
(the url is:


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Gave me a 404…

moved to

Most of Sherv’s software doesn’t work. CE/DP Stealer didn’t even worked the last time i used it.

Note: Sherv has a bit of crapware. When done installing it’ll put a Sherv link on your start menu. And it’ll pop up some ad for “18+ MSN messenger addons”.

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But then again if someone knew how to get rid of the shortcuts then it would be great. For example, the Unlimited Nudge thing worked for me.

It sits in the start menu. You just delete the Sherv link.

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