MSN Messenger Connectivity For My Server


Is there any way to Reroute all newer msn clients through a Proxy which would convert the login data From SSO or which ever protocols they use to my MSN Server that uses MD5? Now im sure alot of people would say that it is unsecured and so on but if i could have a buddy of mine make a AntiHack server for me that stops attacks and Encrypts user data then that problem would be solved.

Basically what i would need is a server side program that would Convert MSNP8+ to MSNP7 so the server can communicate with any of the newer clients as well the older MSNP4-7 clients. Now i do remember seeing a post that Jonathan Kay responded in saying that a friend of his made a Proxy system so that older clients could be redirected to the Newer protocols if im not mistaken.

Anyone have any ideas?

I found a MSNP12 program out there on the VB forums and it is said to be a super basic msn messenger coded in VB6 and i found that my server will very much accept a connection from this basic client MSNP12 as it accepts the account i type , if it hadnt accepted the account it would report a error code 911 Which being Account login failed.

what what im thinking is the client that was coded by 9InchWorM Software 2007 is either lie about the client version tricking the server to believing it is really an older supported version. Or The way the client is handling the connection has bean changed so yes it reports as version 7.5.0311 it seems the authentication is older which means that not only can other clients be changed this way that it is possible to make newer clone clients that looks exactly like the newer msn clients that would connect.

What do you guys think about what is being said here? Please Post what you think as im open for your Support and Opinions.

For anyone who is interested in my server you can find the post for it here :


Sorry I’m not familiar with this issue.
But I wanted to say a thank you for your work. I hope you will find a solution.
I’m only here for cheering you. :wink:

Wouldn't it be easier to patch MSN to use different servers?

Thank you , it has taken me a long time to get this far , so im hoping in the end people will use my services like they once did for Microsoft.


i can test if u want :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be great , If only i had a host to throw the server on as the game i used to manage was shutdown.


Good job Randel, it would be splendid to see msn 2009 working again someday


and what was it???


Hello Everyone , sorry for not logging in awhile , i have bean pretty busy with Game servers and haven’t really had the time to work on my project not to mention the fact that i doubt that anyone has the SSO Authentication so i cant really move on from this point…