MSN Messenger Compatibility?


Hello there!

I was wondering if there is ever any chance of Reviver becoming compatible with versions of Messenger before 8/WLM. I am super thankful that your incredible program exists, and it is awesome to even be able to use any versions of Messenger these days, although 6.x and 7.x are the versions that I grew up with, and as a result are super nostalgic to me (the design of WLM has just never appealed to me as much as MSN’s did). I would really love to experience using them just one last time…

I just figured that I would drop by and ask about this. I want you to know that you are an amazing person for creating this program, and that you have brought so much joy to people all over the world who think that Skype can’t even hold a candle to the incredible-ness that MSN and WLM used to be. Thank you so much for all of your hard work! :slight_smile:


Greetings MessengerFan

Prior to the events of last week, I’ve revived all the way back to Messenger 6.2 on my own. I haven’t had a chance yet to see if those still work after the events of last week, but they operate differently and shouldn’t be affected.

The ultimate goal has always been to add them to Reviver, it just hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully I will have time soon as I know you’re not the only one who would like a trip down memory lane :smile:


Wow, that’s incredible to hear! Thank you so much for replying, and keep up the great work! :smile:


I totally agree with you MessengerFan. I’ve grown up with both MSN and WLM but like you, the Windows Live interface and design really couldn’t embrace me (in the start though, around 2006, its new shiny design did give me a ‘wow’, but as years went on I kept missing the older nostalgic interface).

Tell you what, around 2011 I really wanted to go back to MSN Messenger 7.5 or another version of that era. So I went and uninstalled WLM, and installed 7.5, but logging in wouldn’t work. I then searched throughout the web and found out that it doesn’t work anymore (I cannot exactly recall everything but I believe it had something to do with server ‘checking’). But then on a forum I read that a specific beta version of 7.5 would still work. I don’t remember what exact version build it was, and I’ve got a new PC since, but I did go and install that specific version and, voila!

I wonder if Messenger Reviver is also affected by this. I don’t know since I’ve just been using WLM 2009 since I got Reviver about 3 months ago. What do you say to this, Jonathan?


It doesn’t surprise me a beta version might work as it’s only very specific clients that are blocked, which is part of how Reviver works actually.

Given the changes in the past few weeks on Messenger, these older versions should still be possible to use, but I haven’t had time to really check again.

I’ll tell you it’s my goal to give you a Christmas present :slight_smile:


I have actually revived 7.5 with no problem. I just changed the compatibility. However, with the new MSN site’s birth, my revision died because I was unable to use MSN Messenger after Oct. 31, 2014. Sorry for the let down :frowning:


I’m quite confused now. How did the new MSN site kill your Messenger Reviver?

Also I just downloaded and installed 7.5 (after removing WLM 2009), but when opening Reviver it says that 7.5 is not supported. How did you revive it then?


I believe I may have not been too clear on what I said. I revived MSN Messenger 7.5 by myself with no problem. Then OCT. 31 rolls by and now what I revived no longer worked, yes Messenger Reviver doesn’t support 7.5 but I managed to some how revive it.