MSN Messenger 7.5 for macOS

This is a patched version of MSN Messenger 7.5 that runs on macOS. :slight_smile:

  • Install Wine.
  • Unzip this file.
  • Drag to your Applications folder.
  • Launch, e.g. from Spotlight.


  • This version is patched for Escargot.
  • It runs successfully even under macOS High Sierra.
  • While it also contains Messenger Plus! files, I could not get those to work. Any help/debug info appreciated!
  • Navigating to the Options > Connection tab will cause a crash. Suggesting you don’t try.


i know this post is from 8 months ago but this should be at the top because it’s kinda notable if it works perfectly

I tried to use this app but it doesn’t work properly :frowning:

can’t type my mail & password. Could you help me ?