MSN messenger 5.0 with Escargot

I have a problem with the msn messenger 5.0 with escargot servers. When i try to log-in it shows the following pop-up:

so far i tried re patching and patching manually but nothing really changes.

this happens in version 5.0, i dont know for the other ones.

i tried this on Windows xp x64 edition, sp3 (in vmware)

do you have any idea what is wrong and how can i solve this? i would appreciate it very much, or if you know any other version of MSN (not live) messenger that works with escargot on windows xp, please let me know. (i know that messenger 4.6 (in slovene) doesnt work here beacouse it is an exchange version of it)

Have you tried to get MSN 5.0 PREPATCHED?
You can also try out 6.2

Hmm, I guess you need to update your certs because of incompatible logon problems. Refer this guide for a fix: