MSN Messenger 2019 Edition (Concept by YouTuber Avdan)

Popular custom concept YouTuber Avdan created a concept video showing MSN in 2019. thoughts?

nice concept
but games already exists in telegram…

Ugh, doesn’t look even nice. Flat FLAT FLAT! The original MSN messenger is what we like and love to use! :stuck_out_tongue:



I can’t deny that it’s a pretty cool work, and it actually does look like a modern version of MSN by today’s standards. Problem is: I hate how messaging softwares have this flat minimalistic look today. They all look the same and that’s part of the reason of why they all feel so dull.


It’s a fairly seemingly nice concept, but like Lostjak and Nojus said, it seems a lil’ bit too flat. I honeslty like designs that “pop out”.

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It’s a good job it’s only a concept, use the msn brand and Microsoft will soon take you to court and sue you.

Nice concept though, don’t forget what is ready out there today that you would be competing with.

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the desing is cool, but it look nothing like MSN Messenger
it’s a generic messaging app but with the MSN Messenger logo

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a great fix would be to make it look like a mix of 7.5, 8.5 and 2011 (wlm mobile) and have everything great that MSN had.


Way too modern.


Thats so flat. Not like the orignal MSN


Ugh. Waaaay too modern for my taste. This looks like EVERY OTHER IM client nowadays. I’d say the old style is better.


I like it, except the fake nudge feature.


I’m already a Avdan subscriber since like 2017 or so

looks too modern, msn should have a normal design, not a flat thing

Have to agree with everyone, looks flat, dull, bland, and without personality, too similar to other platforms with for example the speech bubbles that go yours ont the right and the other person’s on the left. The classic, nice and simple emoticons are replaced with the… ugh… emojis we are all tired of. Not to mention he also made like a social media thing with the follows and status and the world obviously needs more of those, NOW the nudge thing is completelly jarring because it’s the only thing that looks like for some reason is still there clinging to life. Overall I think he did a nice job at turning it into one of the million apps of today that nobody here likes

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This is a english thread

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Is this just a simple google translate or did you yourself translate that text.