MSN Messenger 2.0 on MacOS 9.2

I was messing around with Mac OS 9.2 on QEMU and I wondered if you could run MSN messenger and connect to escargot. It turns out it can but it needs some setup. You can see how you can get MacOS 9.2 up and running on QEMU here.

  1. You fist have to get the Messenger installation file. You can find this at the internet archive.. You can download it on MacOS by using Classilla.

  2. To make the application use the escargot servers you have to modify the hosts file, which is not very easy in Classic MacOS. First, open SimpleText and create a text file containing the following: A

  1. Open the TCP/IP control panel. From the menubar select Edit->User Mode. Select Advanced and press OK. On the control panel press the “Select Hosts File…” button on the top right. Browse and select the text file you just created.

  2. Execute the installer and you are ready to go.


Nice work!

what about high sierra

you could try emulating MacOS 9.2? Because it won’t run without emulation on high Sierra since macOS 10.7 doesn’t include a PowerPC translator anymore (and also this requires Classic mode which got fucking killed in 10.5 or 10.6)

Mac OS 9.2 on Qemu? Seriously. But I have to say that…

This tutorial ALSO WORKS with my trusty Mac OS 9.0.4 on SheepShaver emulator!!!


sheepshaver is outdated af

we prefer it because it supports os9

is qemu-system-ppc a joke to you

not everyone is able to use qemu

tbh qemu is too confusing to use on windows, but is easy on linux.

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Is this still working for you guys?

Didn’t work for me :frowning:

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The application or the emulator?

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It’s because the server is congesting, It takes a while then it fails.
I did connect to the internet using sheep shavers instructions.

It trys to sign-in, then it goes into a loop for a few seconds.
Is it right?

HOSTS , not just HOST

Getting SheepShaver back open.