Msn logging off every day at the same time!

Hi, I would like to understand why every day around midnight (Brazil time zone), msn disconnects? Often the server goes down for almost an hour or more, and this has been going on for a week. I just wanted to understand if it’s a server problem or program error, anyway I’d be grateful if you have an answer for me.

(sorry for any english errors)

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It must be something on the server. I have the same problem. I’m brazilian too, and always in the period mentioned by you. Server overloaded with many online users, DDoS attack, I don’t know … When you disconnect, check and see if the number of people online is 0 (zero).

Long live Google Translate. haha

EDIT.: Qual o seu MSN para eu te add?

in these last days server is a little unstable going down and backing again so it’s normal don’t worry much :wink:

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The server has been quite unstable and has been going offline for the past few weeks. We suspect this maybe caused by DDOS attacks, or just the server acting up.

It’s a overload. Kirk (or someone) said that.