MSN lists and add requests


In older versions of msn there is an ‘allowed’ list, a ‘block’ list, and a ‘users who’ve added you’ list. However in the revived 2012 msn version there doesn’t seem to be any lists of this sort. I clicked ‘no thanks’ on a friend request but now I want to check again who it was who added me. Would the address be SOMEWHERE on my list?
Or if I logged into butterfly would that address of whoever added me be someone on that list?


yeah it will be good jonathan give a detail explanation what is happening now with wlm2012 in the add contacts part


Greetings Gen

As you probably know, beginning with Live Messenger 2011 (and 2012), Microsoft attempted to simplify the contact list as the previous system was deemed confusing. With this new system, if you decline a request, there is no list to show who added you to their contact list and the user will need to delete you and add you again to send another.

However after testing, signing into Butterfly should prompt you again to add them to your contact list as Messenger does not appear to be dismissing them correctly, most likely because the contact lists haven’t been refreshing properly for a while. In that way, you should be able to get another chance.


what about the ‘‘people that they add you on your contacts lists’’ wlm 2009 function??? does this still exist and it is hidden or it is gone on msnp21???


i just talk with jonathan and he told me that the feauture has been gone in 2009.

the feature was there, but hasn’t worked since 2011