MSN Explorer works!

MSN Explorer works!

Hello, people of the internet and MessengerGeek users. I’m Mario and I’ve signed up to let you know about this fantastic discovery that is getting MSN Explorer to sign in and work!
Of course, lots of work still needs to be done and we’re very far from finishing it up.
Here’s what works:

  • My City (with current news and weather)
  • Authentication
  • Database
  • Member Center
  • Windows Messenger (buddy list and messaging)
  • Ads
  • Chat (kind of)

Here’s what doesn’t:

  • My Stocks
  • My Groups
  • Mail
  • Favourites (doesn’t work on 6, does on 7)
  • Settings that require clientprofilerequest.srf
  • Sign up using the client
  • Password reset using the client

If you want to give a hand to complete this project by finding responses (such as the one for sign up), discover XML’s/ ASP’s for services or lend your programming knowledge that could come in handy, please contact me at Super Mario#3305 or my friend at Miles “Tails” Prower#2318. Thank you for reading this topic.


Wow! You guys did an incredible job, congratulations for this! Ah, I so want contribute this project, I hope I will have more free time in the future to begin a new project :frowning: :slight_smile: Please, if you have any news in the future, let us know :slight_smile:

Hey i’ve added you on Discord my username is Lunaa, i’m interested, please accept my friend request :slight_smile:

Holy shit, that’s really awesome. How can we try?

i wanna try too

A video demo would be neat to see!

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i hope one day i can try it

We have decided to open up a Discord Server to the public to allow those who are interested to come, talk and offer themselves up to help for developing needs!

Join now!