MSN Explorer Sounds [DOWNLOAD]


While I’m still struggling to get Caddy to cooperate in order to test MSN Explorer on XP (*cough* poor cipher support *cough*), I got to extract any of the available MSN Explorer sounds from both the themedef.mar file and the MSN Explorer installer.

Enjoy yourself lol: (198.8 KB)




Nostalgic sounds :stuck_out_tongue:


wait these are MSN Explorer 9 sounds


5.50, actually. :stuck_out_tongue:


wait what file has this version number


That’s from what I can remember the download page saying. :stuck_out_tongue:


uhmmm isn’t that what the installer file version is:
MSNCli.exe, from xp cd


lol those are the exact same fields in my installer. :stuck_out_tongue:


can someone solve this captcha?


“If there are none, click skip”


that’s a microsoft app extractor thing
(copy file dialog appears after opening?)


ik. :stuck_out_tongue:


can i have that mar extractor, i kind of want to “”"""""""""""“decompress”""""""""""""" like 18 of them


I plan to upload the Python script onto my GitLab if there aren’t any bugs and/or necessary additions to attend to. :stuck_out_tongue:


upload the beta to a /beta/ or /dev/ branch


From testing, there aren’t any bugs or additional features to look into. Guess it’s time to upload what I’ve got. :stuck_out_tongue:


when did escargot get a IRC support branch, eh it’s probably nothin’


Those installation sounds are nice. I wish more programs today used sounds like that more often.


These sounds…are so cool!!!