MSN Explorer Preview 1 (Beta)

I found a download to a beta version of MSN Explorer. it’s still hosted in Microsoft’s website for some reason. URL is

As for Preview 2, I doubt I can find it anywhere, therefore it looks identical to the final version.

here is a webpage that went through this version during that time in mid 2000

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Another note, the asset files are in a .dbx pack format instead of the .mar format used in the final version. there is a python script to extract the files from the .mar extension, but I’m not sure if there is a python script to extract a .dbx pack format.

Also the install directory of the beta is “C:/Program Files/MSN6” instead of “C:/Program Files/MSN/MSNCoreFiles”

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I wonder if there is a way to patch this to use Escargot and make it so you don’t need an MSN subscription?

I don’t think so.

yeah because escargot is for messenger not for msn explorer

What? You bumped a old post and it’s a reply to me without any sense?