MSN Explorer/Premium

Hey there.

This is 2020 speaking. Who remembers the paid MSN Explorer browser which arrived with XP in 2001? Well you can still donwload it in Windows 7 up to 10 if your processor is at least 500 Mhz and that you have dial-up internet!!

I was amazed to site they are maintening a deprecated web browser with funky icons and a POP-UP FILTER, integrated to it!! FOR JUST 9,99 EUR per month, it can be yours too!!!



You actually bought it?

can we get a download somehow?

I did haha! Just to try it for fun… it’s a joke. It’s a decorated Internet Explorer 11 with links on the top. That’s all.

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You can download it but you can’t access anything (lol anything here = nothing because this is literally just a decorated IE11) until you are subscribed.


Oh but once you’re sub, you can have 10 “free” emails!!! WOO HOO

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could someone possibly make it work without a msn subscription?

ohhey tried it with some old version of explorer and failed

@Deathlife23 :^)

@xsychoreese hehe he doesn’t know

Microsoft had a huge concept for MSN

It all came true so it doesn’t appeal to people anymore
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It was explained to me at some point (this is at least 9 years old, but it likely still applies) that this was kept running because it was just so profitable and MSN/Windows Live/Messenger/Hotmail/ et al. have never been big money earners, so it makes their product group’s earnings look better for little to no actual work.

I suspect a good number of their “customers” don’t even realize they still are paying for it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure even the rest have been some kind of money earners still, thanks to information they got about people (I’m pretty sure our conversations were monitored, like anywhere else), and thanks to ads.

But yeah, MSN Explorer/Premium being still running got me crazy. But even if customers wouldn’t realize they are still paying for it, they still have to renew their credit card for the automatic payment… so!! That’s still crazy.

I could make a video for whose interested… to show you how a steal this program is!!

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Wait I’m not making video.

It really is Internet Explorer 11 with nice icons for shortcuts to : your home page (MSN news by default), Bing, your favourites, your mails, your hotmail/live/msn mail’s contacts, your calendar, MSN finances, a link to Windows 10 photos app (wow!!! useful), Skype (not even integrated, opens the separated app), MSN entertainment (not games), a shorcut to print the page, Help, and Font size.

On the right sidebar, you have your mail list if you want, and a small Windows Media Player integrated that opens the normal app to choose the song in the library.

THAT’S IT. NOTHING MORE.(and the 10 free mails !!! FOR ONLY 9,99 EUR/month if you are stupid French France or 14,99 CAD/month if you are stupid French Canadian :D)

Edit : the 4 colors butterfly IS GONE.

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i want to use the decorated ie 11

You’d have to pay, like I did.