MSN Explorer 95 on windows 10

Yes, this is not clickbait, it works.
Here’s running on MSN Explorer 95

This is the link for the installer Start Now - MSN Internet Access Version 2.5 with IE 4 (Part 098-71073) (1997) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Mount this ISO, go into MSNSetup then Compnts then CoreUI. Then go into C:\Program Files (x86)/OnMsn/MSNViewr.exe and boom! On the internet, sadly the very entertaining voice does not work, possibly not installed. This uses IE 11 for it’s rendering so its semi-up-to-date.

Try it, you will love it!

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(:bulb: tip)
A easy way to mount ISOs is by using RedFox’s Virtual CloneDrive (freeware) or DAEMON Tools (shareware) since you can just right click, and click Mount with Virtual CloneDrive

…Or on windows 10, click on it. No buggy, virus-filled software required

Or that…
I prefer using VCD because I can change the amount of CD drives

Do you mean the “Good morning [name]!” thing, or was there more to it that I’ve forgotten? I know the former is/was pulled down from the server on first use and cached.

There was some sort of TruVoice/Microsoft Sam voice where it would say you would have new emails or when parental controls disabled a site. It was very funny in 1995