MSN (Escargot) Tour Video help


Recently, I have announced I would try to create a
tour video guide, without any voice, to guide newcomers into
Escargot, as well as MessengerGeek.

Although some of it has been done, I still am struggling
about a few things:

  • Should I use Windows XP Music, Wii Sounds and themes or any other copyrighted music? I can’t only use royalty free music. If so, what music should I use?

  • What scheme/theme should the video reflect? (2001-MSN era-like? Live Aero/Vista-like?)

  • Should the video be divided into sections? (Like the Windows ME Video Introduction?) Or should it help the viewer to download MSN and see the features it includes?

  • Should I wait for WLM 2009 to start the tour video? Or should I begin making it
    right now?

It may seem like a lot, but I’m trying to aim for something that the whole community
will enjoy watching, something that represents Escargot in some way.

Thank you for your patience.

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I could do voiceovers :eye:

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Use royalty free music.
I’d prefer the style of one of the tutorial videos that Microsoft did during the WLE 09-era. It’s better to have the iconic Windows Live intro of those videos at the start of your tutorial.

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I’d say use KPM music classic library to find fitting music for the tour :stuck_out_tongue:

Only if you feel like it,
besides, I honestly don’t know if I’m up to write scripts lmao.

But I honestly appreciate the proposition, perhaps
it could be an option at some point :eyes:

Could I have a YT link to one of those WLE 09 tutorials?

Also, does that mean I shouldn’t use Windows XP Tour music,
or even Wii Soundtracks music?

and yeah probably for the royalty free it’s not a bad idea


Alright, any music I could use?
I really don’t know which fits best.