Msn doesnt work for me anymore :(

hi i’m not able to loggin on msn :frowning: i received this error : 81000306 :frowning: someone have the same problem ?

Well, for me Escargot is working perfectly, this may be your Internet, or maybe another thing, i see that this post was posted like 2 hours ago, so i think that your Messenger is working now


Click Troubleshoot and then Repair. If that doesn’t work, try again later or restart your computer

I do believe there were server issues at this time, messages were bouncing at the same time period.

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Ah yes. After I had sent messages to people, some time later, it would randomly say that they weren’t sent for some reason.

Escargot is weird sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

this is still more stable than @Wildman_Fujiami’s YMSG server

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Even though it’s in alpha, I’ve got to agree with you. :stuck_out_tongue: