Msn and windows live Messenger reboot

This is not finished i will deveolp now
Hello MSN and wlm lovers I creating a new version for wlm and msn messenger
This is not a server is a software now

But how you will do that first?

the logos.
Link:Escargot Reboot project:Make your logo for this

so make your logos

This is wlm messenger reboot


This is msn messenger Reboot

you agree this
Valtron and others can agree

I created a better WLM Reboot logo:


its great! make for MSN messenger
Like this

so make a MSN reboot logo

Here you have it! (looks bad because i created it fast, but i can do better logos like Noggy Shield logo:

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yes have better

yes you can

I created Noggy Shield logo :stuck_out_tongue:

what for me

use butterfly in msn messenger reboot

and the butterfly in the logos you created?

Nope, Noggy Shield is a program that was created by zRioziin, me and Maigol, zRioziin was the original idea, I created the program design (and this logo) and searched programmers and help, and Maigol, programmer

The butterfly i grabbed it from Google images