MSN 9.0.1407.1107 ( not WLM 2009 )

Hello, I would like to request support for the version 9.0.1407.1107 beta

it has some really good features that got scrapped ( like having a custom login sound for yourself that your contacts hear when you login ) later because of the change in the direction from Steve Ballmer replacing Bill Gates and turning it into windows live messenger.
it’s the best version available, and i’d love to be able to use it and I’m sure more people would too since it didn’t get a wide distribution when it first came out.

thank you.

yea good luck

If you read other users’ posts you will see that the one developing all those things for the server isn’t active in the forum. And WLM 2009 is being developed but as valtron is very busy with his irl work and stuff we won’t get it for a long time.

wlm 2009 is version 14.0.8089.726…
9.0.1407.1107 is not even on the list in escargot’s page.
I requested it because I thought it’d be easy to patch since it’s pretty much msn 8.5 but better, and it’s often forgotten about when talking about msn.

it uses MSNP16, dont get your hopes high.

from the screenshot i founded. it looks just the same as 8.5 just with a beta sign and with MSNP16 as Megadeth58 said.

I want it too. :smile:

Why did you just bump it?