Msn 8.5 sound isn't working

i just installed escargot after switching pcs and the sounds don’t seem to work at all? i can hear audio clips that people send me just fine, but the notification sounds don’t play at all :frowning: i’m running it on windows 10 if that helps

It has happened to me a few times and it was the sounds that were off. In Messenger, click on “Tools”, then “Options”. In the window that opens, go to “Alerts and sounds” and make sure the sounds are active (click the to hear the selected sound).

i tried doing that before, but that little box where the checkboxes should be is completely empty…

Just curious, what method did you use to install Messenger? It’s quite odd this would break, the sounds are per-user in 8.5 and automatically generate the relevant registry keys whenever you open the Alerts & Sounds category in the Options dialog.

Although do note that because of being per-user, the checkboxes won’t appear unless you’re actually signed into Messenger.