MSN 7.5 on Windows 7 crashes


So, I tried to open MSN 7.5, It logs in but then when I EITHER start chatting with a contact or not, MSN crashes. Sometimes when I open MSN 7.5 it just crashes when logging in.




did you install something recently?


Oh. these are what I just installed:


have you tried to reinstall msn 7.5?


Yes, I tried reinstalling, but still crashes




@TReKiE what could it be???


install the wlm 8.1


I installed the WLM 8.1, Seems to work only in XP compatibility since without compatibility, the same results with MSN 7.5 happened. However, It gives an error at login to me, then retrying worked.

XP compatibility worked on my Windows 7, however, crashes are still the same, during display name change and probably logging in.

EDIT: Hm. I think I’ll have to wait for WLM 16 or IDK, crashes are still the same.