MSN 7.0 - Unable to login: Error 80072F7D

Hi there! Just coming across this project, definitely excited to give it a whirl. Tried logging in using MSN 7.0 on Windows XP x64, and when I try to sign in I get the error 80072F7D. Tried it on a Windows 10 machine and worked just fine, so not sure what I’m missing here.

Things I’ve tried doing different:

Disabled Avast Anti-Virus
Disabled Windows Firewall
Running MSN Messenger in compatibility mode for Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT 4
Tried MSN 6.2, which failed with error 81000370 instead.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance! Although I’m probably the only one here using Windows XP x64, so if no one has any ideas that makes sense LOL

What version of IE? 8? Are you able to visit

From what I know, it should fail because XP doesn’t support SNI.

I couldn´t either login today, but it was no problem yesterday? :S
I get the same errorcode as you.
Very irritating. Hope someone can help out!
I run windows 8
But I have chatted with many people who runs xp on m,sn 7.0

Now I came in :smiley:

Yes you are correct, IE8 is the latest that can be installed on XP. I was not able to visit using IE8, just FireFox.

So I guess for now this will not be supported for XP?

well that’s strange. in ie8 i was able to visit but still have the problem of signing in.

Do you put email|
Try put password in the passwordline instead
password ******

Yes I have been. idk why it failed. i put in emailname|password@servername.whatever ever since i seen the instructions on the server site.

@Djinn @iGiftedSpade Since the update yesterday, pipeauth (logging in with password-in-email) was removed, log in normally from now on. If you were using MSN 1/2/3/4 though, you’ll have to go through the password reset process (Forgot Password | Escargot | MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger) and when you set a new (or the same, doesn’t matter) password, check the box “Old MSN support”.

I still receive the same error code even though using the old msn sign in support.

1 restart your computer
2 Are you sure you don´t have msn switcher in the background?
3 Re-install msn

yup i’m sure as I can’t reinstall it. I took msn switcher off my computer and installed a pre-patched version. then when I heard there were installers only, I uninstalled the old pre-patched and installed the new pre-patched. also did all of those. restarted computer, no msn switcher in background and reinstalled msn messenger.

I’m out of ideas, I think it’s probably because of XP still.

Is there any plans for Windows XP to be supported in the future? Tried with Messenger 7.5, got a password error instead of a generic connection error:

Have you manually edited your MSN exe to support Escargot?

Putting aside the SNI, since it could be made the default site on that IP anyway, I checked the cipher support on SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs) and it shows that for TLS 1.0, none of the available ciphers are available on XP. Apparently the best you can get is tls_rsa_with_3des_ede_cbc_sha. If that can be configured, that might do the trick.

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well to provide you with more information. I have installed windows Crux (also known as Windows 10) and got the same error on that system yesterday. it must be resolved today as it hesitated before going in.

Yeah I tried this on XP, got the same error. Is there any way this can be fixed?

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this is weird because on sunday i could sign in just fine and i am not doing password in username. i never have