MSN 6.2 isn't working

Problem description:
When I use MSN 6.2 (i run it outside of the program files folder), it rants about the side by side configuration. When I run it in XP, it tries to set up a .net passport when I choose to sign in. I ran XP in a VM, btw
Error code/error message:
What has been tried so far:
Can’t do anything about it on Windows 10, and the XP VM won’t let me change its protocol
Messenger version:
MSN 6.2 pre patched in English
Windows version:
XP Pro SP3 (i think) and Windows 10 Pro (cant be arsed to check what exact version)
Edit: I tried Sandboxie and it works, but I dont wanna be stuck using sandboxie.
Edit 2: nup. It doesn’t connect thru Sandboxie. Please help. I wanna use MSN 6.2.

pls help

fgt it
y is “fgt it” allowed without the rant rant war war stuff

you patched manualy

i got it pre patched