MSN 5.0 not letting me log in?


So I run Windows 7 and whenever I try to log in with the prepatched version I get the “Your sign in may be wrong” error even though my password is correct.


From looking at the server’s source code recently, I assume it has to do with the PassportURLs variable the server returns during authentication (basically, it re-routes the client to another server to actually authenticate on). Initially, it was patched to be Passporturls because @valtron found it more “easy on the eyes” to him, basically, if I remember correctly, but after a while, it has been changed in the code to be case-sensitive like it was officially. Since the patching instructions and pre-patched binaries still specify PassportURLs as Passporturls, however, it basically makes it a pain to login under 5.0 - 7.0. Hopefully time can be taken to address the issue properly and these clients can login without the effort you have to put on it currently.


I got 6.2 to work, fortunately.