Msn 4.7.2009 wont log on



MSN 4.7 doesn’t work yet due to some goof up, but as far as ik MSN 4.5.0121 does work:
hope this solves your problem.


sorry, but there is ONE version of 4.7 that i KNOW works on escargot… 4.7.0105.


4.7 dont work , i tested it BUT 4.5 works ( and 4.6 kinda of works )




w e e l it dont work for me


this is on windows 10 lol
(yeah i had to upgrade, new pc)





i t d o n t w o r k



yeah, escargot WON’T accept that auth system.


well i donloaded this version in ESCARGOT web page C


why the actual heck

would you download the escargot version
it’s auth is like Tweener or something
just find 4.7.0105, known to work
(It’s a MSNP4-MD5)


so you can send the setup ? i cant find this version


only know that AMSNP4S (Ashley’s MSNP4 Server, yeah that same one that brought contro’) includes it


tnx it works

Messenger 4.7 on XP