Msn 2011 connection with local server?

I should make a msn 2011 local server emulator? If Yes: give me ideas on how should make this. Because i want to get a msn 2011 server working. :stuck_out_tongue:

You should figure out how to get it working with MSNP21, which is WLM 2011/2012 protocol.

WLM2011 is not supported on the local server. A developer experimented with WLM2011 support and then after that reverted the changes

Why? :frowning:

Does he really need to explain why WLM 2011 won’t work?

OP wants to make his own server, not use Escargot’s.

Don’t you guys comprehend words anymore? :confused:

That’s because plans with WLM 2009 were continued after the devs found a way to patch it, and the MSNP21 stuff was incomplete so I “reverted” the changes (technically it’s just commented out for when we’re ready to start support on that).

So after msn 2009 support. So There ‘THERE’ will be a way to patch the msn 2011 and 2012?

That will be decided on when we get to supporting those versions. All I can say right now is how they handle login is a bit complex to patch.

Ok… But Ask for valtron to release msn 2009 a bit faster. Because i love msn 2009.

And terminate this topic…

it’s not entirely dependant on if he wants to release it, it’s if a patch will be discovered for it

But patch is already discovered. But valtron never release…

As far as I can tell he still doesn’t have enough time aside to start preparing for those changes, so there’s nothing he or I can do about it.

the waiting game:tm:


I have connected yesterday not fake!!! Its only partially works, but its login.

Today i cant log in anymore, because when i try to log in, al the time its crashes.


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what do you mean you cant connect anymore?what servers are you using? im from 2017 with tristans login msnp21 semi code and it still works… only login nothing more …

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can you teach me how dare you set up the wlm 2012 server?

And i have wlm 2009 local server, but its not loggin anymore.

The server developer says, the local server has got a bug.

Please help me how are you set up the wlm 2012 server!!!

@OhHelloThereImTheGuy tried to login with tristans semi code server which is only makes the login process uses real microsoft account. but it does not work because the real conctacts server is gone

the reason i can still login is because i have cached the contacts when the originals servers where still up

for better info ask the oh hello guy to tell you.