MsgPlus Malware?

Problem description:I tried downloading the Messenger Plus! 5.02 and my computer is detecting it as malware

Error code/error message:Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.A!ml

What has been tried so far: I haven’t tried anything yet cause I don’t wanna screw it up.

Messenger version: Messenger Plus! 5.02

Windows version: Windows 10

Ignore it, the antivirus says that possible because it has “similar code”

is there anyway I can stop windows defender “block”, so I can use it?

Turn it off temporarily

In addition to turning off, you can also add exceptions to specific files or folders, or if it’s quarantined, allow the “threat” and it won’t be triggered again.

Personally I use the exceptions myself in various ways and it works well to maintain sanity.

this is due to the installer bundling some crapware (internet explorer add-on iirc) that can be easily avoided by turning off a checkmark.

thanks for the help everyone! I managed to make it work

The antivirus swears at him because he has a code like a real virus. This is not a virus