MS Paint Adventures Discussion Thread

Discuss the works of Andrew Hussie. Make sure to put spoilers under a spoiler tag. [spoiler]john hits that yeet[/spoiler] john hits that yeet


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check out my fantrolls, unless you don’t want to

Baruss Krilet


Gender: Male
Blood color: Approximately olive
Age: 17 Alternian solar sweeps, approx. 36 Earth years
Info: Member of the Grass Mask cult. Totally not partially stolen from Vast Error’s Edolon. Trust me.
Pesterchum handle: suburbanWonderland
Typing Quirk: Standard capitalization and punctuation. Substitutes S for 5. You are going to regret thi5 deci5ion, you under5tand thi5, ye5?

Kanqul Payola


Gender: Male
Blood color: Approximately teal
Age: 9 Alternian solar sweeps, 19.5 Earth years
Info: Is in a garage band.
Pesterchum handle: circuitBreaker
Typing Quirk: All lowercase, occasional punctuation. Substitutes S for Z. Extremely vulgar. thiz zhit iz wild and i dont believe a zingle fuckin word of it

very lame and also no one cares but hey I need to post this somewhere


i have the worst fantroll

can’t be worse than mine

last time i tried it was a shitty sketch with no added detail and no actual background or story behind what i created

again those were 2017 times

maybe i should go looking for blank hs bases

sweet jegus.

shameless necrobump brought to you by the autistic kid


and if there was a image entitled “THE LOSERS OF MG/THE KIDS”, i bet i’ll be there.

I don’t get it, what is this?

a dead forum thread.

sorry bumping but REVIVE THIS

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no u


yoshikage pyrope someone here?

first bomb momentum.



i know it’s you reese.