Moving accounts here

So, nobody wants the “artis” thing right? I’ve decided I’m switching accounts. My new username(I think) will be JacksterU. See you there! It’s been nice doing stuff on this account, but it’s time to move. I’ll still use this account every now and then. See you soon(maybe now.)

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Goodbye then.

Goodbye and Hello.

Why he got flagged? He just stated he will switch accounts.

Hello there.

It’s an automatic feature to prevent sockpuppets :slight_smile:

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Oh ok, but the flag got reverted. :).

All flags can be reverted and dismissed without harm, and that’s why I leave that feature on, the odd false positive like this one is worth it for the times it catches spam and other bad activity.

Also, Jackster is a cool name, I like it :slight_smile: