Yeah, by default WMP 11 cannot install on Server 2003 which that bulit-in WMP 10 is lastest.
however, a trick to install is to run a Setup, do nothing and don’t verify WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage)

Then search the temp then copy paste at documents folder.
and run some following files to install, closed the main installer (the one that use WGA).

with this script other site is not working with chrome and mypal

how disable in one browser only ?

Please see the last picture in the first post

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how make for window proxy is in taskbar automatic in windowd started?

help Screenshot_1

did you install it correctly?

yes i tink

is working for windows 2000 and msn? or other proxy for old windows?

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as far as i know, it only works on windows xp.

Indeed it works only on XP and later, i have tried it on 2000 once with the extended kernel it would never load it, probably missing dependencies :stuck_out_tongue:


There is no mention of “ProxHTTPSProxy”, what is this?

probably a PUP

Why ? I am not the author of ProxHTTPSProxy, simply. ProxHTTPSProxy makes it possible to access SSL anywhere on XP.

“This trojan downloads an additional file from a remote server.” I have tested this on my VM and it doesn’t seem to be a bad program for a start, but i’m still a bit sketchy about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, tray file updated with “new name” and trusted VB code source. Bad day when anyone want help… Cheers!

zippyshare wtf

also nojus do i need to install 100+ useless updates that were made for ATMs in mind?

*use adblock
**if you want xp to be stable and have security holes patched then yes

Do you have any evidence at all that these ‘useless’ updates were specifically made for ATMs?

don’t working…