Most students are degrading in the internet

Why is it that most of the schoolchildren are degrading on the internet, and not developing? I was born in the CIS country, I don’t know how it is in other countries, but we just have massive degradation here, everyone is sitting in Tik Tok, listening to ridiculous crap … they grimace in front of cameras and even plainly don’t know the history of the World Wide Web and how curious it was in The 2000s. Why so?


not everyone is interested in old stuff. i agree tik tok is complete trash


they are wasting time on these things on internet

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its weird to me too, honestly.
i was homeschooled so i grew up in an entirely different environment. plus i was just generally around that sort of technology growing up, so it was a big nostalgia factor for me.

i guess if there isnt an interest in things like internet history, kids wont care about it.

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yeah for us that growed up with this tecnologies are great for anothers no

They’re just kids doing kid stuff. We all look back at our own childhood thinking its better than current day childhoods because WE (you) experienced it.
They’re doing what’s popular to do right now. And obviously, we’re not the age demographic for it, so of course we think it’s silly :stuck_out_tongue:

And even beyond that, a lot of people just aren’t too interested in learning the history of the internet, or learning the ins-and-outs of computers, or whatever else people do here. There’s a reason communities like this are small, but more tight-knit than others - because it’s just straight up more niche than what most people care about.

Kids right now aren’t ruining anything for us, they’re just doing what they think its fun, I’m sure they’ll look back and realize "huh, maybe I shouldn’t have done that :\ " - but for right now, they just want to enjoy themselves.


Unfortunately, I think it is a global “problem”. Here in Brazil is no different. After the internet became popular, people lost sense of the ridiculous. The Internet has gone from something serious and productive to a great jumble of nonsense. For today’s kids, only the image of this “internet” will remain, so it’s up to people like us to preserve and tell how everything was before the boom. I feel nostalgic and miss how it was (not the speed of the connection lol).


once again, /r/notliketheothergirls


here on Brazil is a shit, the actual YouTube, man i can’t believe that we get into this shit

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classic “ok boomer” moment

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ok boomers


Nice words :slight_smile: Congratulations. I appreciated the message :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m quite young (14) and I completely understand where you’re coming from! So many people I know use trash apps such as TikTok but my close friends stay as far away from it as possible, as do I. I’m not sure how they use the Internet, but I am greatly interested in relics of the past, learning more about how computers work and simply using it as a tool for education.


nice bemb.

I’m 9 and i’m interested to technology and science…also fuck this bitch of tik tok

Like mentioned in previous posts, this is a global problem, I’ve seen my generation (Z) to be so glued to their phones that they are mostly incapable to use a personal computer/laptop, even with basic things. I honestly can’t understand what’s so “fun” about TikTok (let’s not forget Instagram &SnapChat), you slowly become a normie agreeing to a mass opinion and not having your own (for example music tastes), then again this is my 2 cents :stuck_out_tongue: