Most stable version of MSN?

I want to know what the most stable version of MSN is.
I’ve encountered a few issues with 8.5, and I want to know what the truly best version is.

imo 7.5 and 8.1

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That is pretty subjective, because how stable a version is depends on the person’s hardware. In my case it is version 8.5.

msn messenger 7.5

i use 8.1 and it works less normally, but I prefer 6.2 only because of the design

Having been on the front lines during all these releases, I don’t recall any of the modern versions (5.x and above) being particularly more stable than others in general.

With all Messenger versions in mind, I would argue that newer is generally better, as some of the outstanding problems do end up being fixed, however a lot of those bug fixes are 2009 and above.

All versions of MSN are stable.

However you need to find the proper 4.7 and 1.0 has trouble connecting to escargot but works.

Everything else works

However i think it was 7.5