Most Popular Instant Messengers 1997 - 2019


I can’t agree with this videos result btw.


already saw that video before

me too.

this probably isnt correct :confused:

yeah, there’s no discord, what the fuck is QQ, why is wechat here? it’s less of a instant messenger and more of chinese gouvrment spyware.

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Discord ins’t really a instant messenger, more like a modern IRC

coughs dms cough

then twitter and steam are also instant messengers, following by your logic

ok twitter is also a soical network and steam is basically gamestop on your pc

well, nope, gamestop, from what i remember from reviews and youtube comment sections, apparantly has less games and more of POP! shit and FNAF merch, official and probably unofficial. steam doesn’t have them

that wasn’t what he meant…

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Discord is more of a VoIP service than it is a modern IRC.

QQ is or was a chinese-only instant messenger if I’m correct

and it also spies people,

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(like anything from tencent btw)

oh yes i saw that quite a while ago, the stats are surprising :stuck_out_tongue:

QQ is a chinese company, also in some fake iPhone X’es, the App Store is QQ Store

logical thing

Most Popular REBORN Instant Messenger

Escargot MSN 4000
Aim Phoenix 1000
y!2 500

the results here are not verified

62 958 333 AIM record