Modded Minecraft Server (1.12.2) or 1.2.2 server

Now for something actually fun! I have a modded Minecraft server, so if anyone wants to join, you will need to download forge 1.12.2 (latest) build 847 and 40 mods!
Don’t ask why I have much
You will need to have a PC with the minimum being with 2GB allocated for a workable experience and a Pentium Gold/AMD Athlon
I wouldn’t recommend it enough if you had a Ryzen 5 or i3 on your hands for an optimal experience and 4GB of allocation with that installation because the mods I use are MAJOR
Such as:
Tinkers’ Construct
Aether 2
Lost Cities
Biomes O’ Plenty
I would use Pixelmon but it’s too big
The Betweenlands
Better Caves
Portal Guns
Iron Chest

I would also recommend VanillaFix which will save you from entirely crashing the game

So if anyone wants to join, here’s the server (≧▽≦)

I made a 1.2.2 server so there will be no conflicts if it’s too many mods or totally not because my CPU full-loads because of the forge server

What is the mod list

I’ll join in a bit

Here is the Google drive link

off-topic but this is thread 16,000

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Oh damn


What is this awful taste in mods

Don’t know ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Atleast aether 2 and pixelmon are good so…

What is wrong with them?

God damn it the modpack is so bloated that it is even impossible to connect to the server

I haven’t even turned on the server

Now it’s open

Pls enjoy the server :slight_smile:

It seems like you never played real modpacks before, with like 100 mods? which can take up to 6gb

I have allocated like 4GB of ram

What is the port for the 1.2.5 server?

It’s the IP listed in the text


Since (Apperantly) there are minecraft servers popping up or somethin’ then I guess I can do that, too.

However, the mods are unneeded to join my server and will be a normal server from now on (Until l decide I want to open the Forge server again)

I will have 2 servers up: 1.2.2 and 1.12.2. Don’t worry, these are all ran on Ported servers, so I can open them up as I please.

Anyway, have fun! :smiley:

-Mr. Kid
My server will be on from 6 - 9 or 10 if I’m lucky