Mkds doesnt work on wiimmfi

85030 (unknown) when searching worldwide or continental 81010 (ban) when searching friends
Never played it online, I’m pretty sure I’m banned from the discord so I can’t get any help.
i’m gonna try an american rom
No didn’t work

Did you change your DNS?

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Btw join the RC24 Discord server which is also the Wiimmfi Discord server which may help you


Join the discord, that may help you

Yeah how would I get past the connecting
I can’t join the discord cus i’m banned

This is not good

maybe they banned you effectively… because it works actually idk where you can appeal but try to do that maybe?

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Tried another console, nothing
I’m not in the banlogs

I’m not in the banlogs

Maybe you reached your Discord server slots limit? You can’t be in more than 100 servers.

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I mean the wiimmfi banlogs

i used my phone to do the dns, however no one was online