Minecraft Server 2: It's better this time, I swear

hEllo !!! i hav mineceat serve!

Hello, I am presenting this forum with a Minecraft server, which is totally not the same thing you have seen 42069 times, it is not cracked because I am not dealing with AuthMe.

Version: 1.16.1
IP: instance.wizemc.net:25565

it is not cracked

Dont expect me to join.

what makes ya so stern and strict today pal?

Don’t expect me to add AuthMe.

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Well dont expect a lot of activity on your server.

Also are you using the same shitty map from the previous server?

No. It is a brand new map.

I see…

I will only be able to join after the BU cuz my current pc cant run MC 16

also i use cracked mc

Sorry, I can’t have both old version support and AuthMe at the same time because this combo produces problems.

theres like only 3 people here with premium mc
mattx i think

i have premium but i dont exactly think anyone wants to try this mg minecraft server thing again

im not doing it unless theres a modpack involved

My computer is already of a toaster and you want me to play with mods?

not my problem

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this is the only word i am going to say


I’m sorry, what? I have mods that boost the performance.

bruh i use cracked minecraft and the police almost arrested me