Microsoft Security Essentials STILL updates on Windows XP

As you know Microsoft supported Microsoft security essentials definition updates on Windows XP until 2015 right? and you could get this:

Ok lets jump to 2018 now:
So i installed the last version that OFFICIALY supports XP.And i installed it on my XP PC and it started downloading a definition update and then i see that the icon changed from red to green

seems like it still works :slight_smile:
And if you want the last version of MSE for XP here: Download Microsoft Security Essentials XP 4.10.0209.0 for Windows -

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interesting , but why microsoft is supporting it again ? :thinking:

Well they dont support on mse installs before 2015 after 2015 you install mse on xp it will receive updates then

Still, I do not recommend using MSE on systems prior to Windows 10, since it is very basic in these systems. Features such as behavioral module and cloud analysis do not exist in it, only detection by malware signatures.

Atleast it doesnt eat ram like cheese i rather use mse or avast5

Even Panda sucks his detection ratio is 70% :confused:

panda dome is way better than mse or A FUCKING OUTDATED VERSION OF AVAST

If you fall into the fallacy of when I have more free RAM, it’s better," forget that, what counts for PC performance is the intelligent management of RAM. And Avast and Kaspersky are very light antivirus :stuck_out_tongue:

he is talking about the latest version nojus , just warning you :stuck_out_tongue:

Using an old version of an antivirus when you can use the newest one is the same as shooting your own foot. Newer versions have new protection features, bug fixes, performance improvements, vulnerability fixes, and other factors.

The latest one sucks

oof , this was in the first days of panda dome , it is way better now
stop using this video as a argument

STOP saying pandais the best it didnt even delete my virus

Considering only one video as “real proof of an antivirus that it is good or bad” is the same thing you consider an old car that was the fastest of its time these days, and there are other cars that are much faster.

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Nobody here said he’s the best, just said it’s good.

May I know what kind of “virus” you said?

A virus included in the unoffiacial win2k kernel extension panda says its a virus on virustotal but it doesnt even remocve it just stayed on my xp pc on mse its another story i downloaded the file and it instalntly deleted the file

You simply set up Panda to only block malware when detecting it, without quarantine or deleting it. That’s your fault :stuck_out_tongue:

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There was no option to make everything suspicious or bad deleted