Microsoft Outlook 2000 problems

I can’t get Outlook 2000 to work properly with my Hotmail account under Windows 2000 despite having extended kernel, ProxHTTPSProxy, all Windows 2000 and IE6 updates and Office 2000 SP 3 installed. It works fine when I first set up the account, but when I close and relaunch Outlook, it says the TCP/IP connection was terminated by the server every single time. I’ve tried with both POP3 and IMAP, but to no avail.
I can browse the web just fine using Serpent and… ahem… other browsers, so I know it’s not an internet connection problem. Furthermore, I have no problems with Outlook 2000 whatsoever under Win XP.

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In Outlook 2007, I managed to get with IMAP to work perfectly by doing the following:

SMTP Requires authentication: Yes

IMAP Port: 993
Encrypted Connection: SSL

Outgoing: 587
Encrypted Connection: TLS

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I assume you’re using Windows XP or newer here? This is Outlook 2000 running in Windows 2000.

I have tried it in several other operating systems except for 2000.
Why not attempt it?