Microsoft NetMeeting Revived!


After 2 day of documentation and trial and error:scream: I managed to revive the “Microsoft Internet Locator Service” to work with NetMeeting.

The IRS serves to put every user of NetMeeting in a public database, currently this database work in Windows 2000 Server and after testing it worked.

Updates coming soon

Is there already a server that relives netmeeting?

Yes finally i can use it!!! thank yoU @aMSN


is that a nt 4 server?

hmm, might not be so hard after all.


Windows 2000 Advanced Server


makes more sense, as 2000 supported Active Directorys.


Probably i will host my own directory service server 4 everyone


Ohh,that’s great! :slight_smile: and i see that you talk in italian too :thinking:!


will the server be online 24/7? i just tried to connect and got an error that said “There was a problem connecting to the directory server”


Its not public yet


Maybe today or in 2 or 3 days will be 24/7, currently i’m setting up the VM machine up using a VM


thanks. i’ve been waiting for someone to revive this


Currently having problems with my machine, i need to find a free VPS with virtual machine for Win2000




Not Online 24/7 Temporary Server, i need someone that helps me with giving a vps virtualmachine


it worked!


can netmeeting be run on newer systems with the files?


It can you need to download netmeting the last xp version


here are the files: for anyone using a newer OS




sorry about that. i’ll try to fix it