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Yes… How to play games on MSN messenger?

Tic Tac Toe is avilable for Escargot. Use MSN Love! for install it.

There is no official system on Escargot set up for P4 activities/games yet. I’ve been contemplating one with new games since all the official ones are hard to recompile from public archives, and I’m not exactly talking about making the system provide a container to generic games located on a random game website. I mean creating new games from scratch that work with the P4 API and comply with the requirements Microsoft provided, along with carrying the novelty feel the official games had. However, it’s easy to create a configuration file, which should be named MSGRP2P.xml, for any activity you’d like to make usable on your MSN client, which is why people have hosted activities (mainly an unfinished version of Tic-Tac-Toe that relies on 3 remade assets that aren’t the best) and told people to download the configuration file tied to those instances of the activity so that they could play against other users. Unfortunately, for users to play the activities, both parties had to have the MSGRP2P file in the root of the MSN installation directory, and you could only have one “installed”, which due to the one-activity nature of MSGRP2P.xml, was restricting in the activities you could have listed. It’d be best to wait for an actual activity system to be set up server-side to avoid all those problems, but I’m not stopping you.

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