MG Hunger Games Simulator

idea shamelessly stolen from appledoo

now i’m gonna break this up into separate comments because reading the entire thing as one comment would be annoying. this post will be the group and the bloodbath.

(also the resolutions of the pics are kinda shit and i may have gotten some people’s genders wrong, but the ones i got wrong i just didn’t know)

here’s our group of tributes then

(there was some stuff before this that i skipped but it wasn’t very interesting)
and we have our first casualties: minemaster and gabriel (icanttellyou being the hero we don’t deserve)

F in the chat for alivebacon

this is so sad, alexa play “stay here” by swans

rip trekie, that was a bit anticlimactic

big F for declan

for those not keeping track, eight people are dead: mine_master, gabriel, alivebacon, me, pedro, craftplacer, trekie, and declan

well, well, well, if it isn’t half the tributes dying the first day

there goes andrés, missing his chance to kill somebody

honestly that’s about what i expected

why is icanttellyou getting so many kills?

are you kidding me? this is how it goes down?

congrats nojus

here’s some stats i guess

oof rip me xD

you WHAT?

rip me

im going to choke on the biggest cock the world has seen because GREENENENENNENENREEEE


Rip me

hah :stuck_out_tongue:

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