MessengerGeek without CSS for Low-Resolution Screens for those who only read posts and don't write anything

(Update1: Removed “quote-button ember-view”)
(Update2: Removed edit icon)
(Update3: Quote button now removed)
I decided to waste my time and disable the CSS on messengergeek via a addon. It looked awful with tons of SVG icons being HUGE and everything being clunky and whatnot. By using adblock i was able to make Discourse look like a old forum from the early 1990s.

Reading posts is now simpler because of the removal of emojis (all of the MSN and Windows 10 ones), the buttons and some useless text (Post time, etc). the Text format still works.

Profiles do work but they’re really basic and don’t have a lot of detail and breaks if the user has a dark background (me for example). Badges are no longer shown and the “Location” and “URL” parts of the profile are removed. Although they are usually written on a description so it doesn’t matter.

The profile cards you see when hovering on a user longer appear due to the “hover” nature which requires CSS.

Here’s my list. Copy this into Adblock Plus or Adblock. I don’t know if UBLOCK works.[class="topic-statuses"][id="ember979"][class="select-kit single-select combobox combo-box category-drop is-below is-left-aligned has-reached-minimum bullet ember-view"][class="container"][class="icons d-header-icons clearfix"][class="actions"][class="fa d-icon d-icon-circle svg-icon svg-node"][class="quote-controls"][class="select-kit-body"][class="topic-footer-main-buttons"][id="topic-footer-buttons"][class="ember-view"][class="reply-area "][class="post-menu-area clearfix"][class="post-link-arrow"][class="widget-button btn btn collapse-down no-text btn-icon"][class="reply-to-tab"][class="post-info post-date"][class="user-title"][class="map map-collapsed"][class="timeline-footer-controls"][id="ember1589"][class="ember-view"][class="timeline-scrollarea"][class="selected-posts hidden"][id="share-link"][class="ember-view"][class="modal-inner-container"][id="topic-entrance"][class="hidden ember-view"][class="timeline-scrollarea-wrapper"][class="modal-close"][class="post-infos"][class="small-action-desc timegap"][class="emoji"][id="topic-progress-wrapper"][class="ember-view"][class="emoji emoji-custom"][class="card-content"][class="topic-category"][class="username"][class="fa d-icon d-icon-map-marker svg-icon svg-string"][class="fa d-icon d-icon-globe svg-icon svg-string"][class="badge-icon badge-type-bronze"][class="badge-icon badge-type-silver"][class="user-archive"][class="fa d-icon d-icon-chevron-down svg-icon svg-string"][class="category"][class="relative-date date"][class="top-section badges-section"][class="fa d-icon d-icon-quote-left svg-icon svg-string"][class="quote-label"]

Now, this is interesting. It really makes you understand the importance of CSS on the modern website.

Well sometimes people just want a simpler looking site then some shitty modern shit. Like ever wanted to have old google back? It’s with Requestly or with some random neohost site i don’t remember.

Even without CSS. MessengerGeek is still live and if someone posted. It would automaticly appear. Even it can show you if someone’s replying

  1. I never judged your interests. I mean, if you like web pages the old way then it is fine to me.
  2. No, I think modern Google is good. :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont think people want old google back because it was more ‘‘simple’’, normally its because of the 2000s desing or nostalgia

I like modern Google. Just some people dislike the material theme because “it’s too mobile-like”. Same reason why these same guys hate Windows 8’s (not bad actually) metro.

Yeah nobody wants old google. The only thing they would want is change the logo back to the old one. I only used the neocities old google when Google did some mistake by giving me a recaptcha each 20ish search i made. But Google thankfully fixed their recaptcha issues 1-2 months later.

that’s not what i meant…

They don’t want old google. Because other than the UI and logo. It’s just Google. That’s it. Old Google is today’s Google with a older paint.

The only site i ever know that people hate a redesign is Reddit… They’re slowly declining because of that. Now doing the same mistake like what DIGG did all of those years ago.

yes, people want old google back because of the desing, but that’s it basically

The only change Google ever did all of these years other than Google Search and YouTube is… Well they’re making “Google Home” and “Google Pixel”, so yeah.

  • Useless messaging app that tried to replace hangouts
  • Useless video app that also tried to replace hangouts
  • Google+… Why? just Why?
  • Google Pay (formerly known as Android Pay)
  • More YouTubes… one for kids and one trying to be Spotify. (don’t forget the twitch ripoff)
  • more shit and that’s it

Oh and those…

it’s dead at least

i dont really consider them useless

yeah the music one is pretty stupid

Well Google Allo and Duo flopped because Google already had Hangouts (but only Goanimate fags and object show fags used it as well as Google+). Also Google is replacing all of them with something else.

i really liked google allo, so that’s sad to hear

Because Google already had a music app. It’s called Google Play Music.

Anyways i founded out that lists are completly broken…

(*found and *completely)
Hm… That’s interesting. I wonder why. Maybe lists depend on CSS or something? Eh, i don’t know. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve looked into the HTML code of Discourse and lists uses the old-fashioned way of lists. Not CSS. hmm… :thinking:

Well, that’s curious. Maybe it can’t access a determined resource of CSS for the lists?

It could be because i’ve blacklisted something that used lists.
I have only blacklisted SVG icons, emojis and buttons so… That’s strange

Update: It actually works on Pale Moon!

Just enable the menu bar. Go to View, Then Page Style, then no style

By using Adblock Latitude (ABL), Go to your filter settings, make a new filter group, copy the list from message 1 and paste it here

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Welcome to 1999 people! :smiley: