MessengerGeek Wink is bloated with Spanish "plz add me" posts

You want to look for a thread on the lastest section?

Sorry. It’s look like spanish people want’s to add you. It’s annoying to me.


this problem is old :confused:

edit: oh shit just saw the home page ur right

This problem has been started when spanish categories were added.

It’s if VidLii was full of Depascitos.


holy shit that would be F U C K I N G H O R R I B L E

TBH, I feel the exact same way. No good discourse-starters to engage in when all you see is nothing but contact request threads in general, regardless of language. But the foreign ones bug me out because they’re undecipherable to me and it kind of deters me from even adding them, because I don’t know their interests as easily. >_<

I just want the homepage to hide protuges and spanish. and set that to default and you could change it in your settings

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Not really, the problem was even before the Spanish category

Sin llorar. :v xD

That’s my best translation.

I’m not crying over this, either, but I’d rather have a forum with 90% on-topic threads than a bunch of people screaming at others to add them.

mmm yeah you’re right. I’m with you. :sweat_smile:
But, they are excited about this. jeje :rofl::yum:

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As the person who regularly cleans up threads, some of them are legitimately different (the spanish-speaking world is pretty diverse), some not so much.

However, I’d like to note that you are in full control of what categories you see on the latest page, notifications, and emails. Visit any category page (ex. Español), click the button in the top right-hand corner and choose to Mute the entire category. You won’t be bothered by it ever again.


Despite my problem specifically not being targeted towards language-specific threads, thanks for the footnote. :slight_smile: