MessengerGeek LITE (for old browsers)

I created website called MessengerGeek lite.
It has a very simple interface and small functionality that allows you to quickly view the latest topics from MessengerGeek and use it on old browsers. :stuck_out_tongue:



I am not sure of the usefulness of this project, so I did not upload it to a normal host.
But I think that if @TReKiE likes the idea I can send him the source code and he could create a subdomain “lite” (for example) and upload my website there :blush:

you can check it on


I like it :stuck_out_tongue: this should be for older browsers a good idea

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all we need is posting stuff and it is perfect

This is 5x more impressive than the “MessengerGeek without CSS” project i made.

This will be really useful if it works in browsers like IE 6/8.

Nice! I think this would be useful for the built-in IE browser in MSN

sigh :stuck_out_tongue:


so trekie is now a key?



Yea, he was he key to migrating the servers database.\

oops, sorry for the bump, i should really look at the dates

that’s very cool but i think you need use http for full compatible

Agreed, i wanna read messengergeek on WebTV.

you use webtv in 2020?

On a server thats gonna go private, its a revival, no i dont use it as a main way to get online (it needs internet anyway), but its fun to mess around on