Messenger Wink Archive?

I remember using Messenget back in the day with winks that I downloaded online. However, I can’t find any sites that still have them for download. Most of them have shut down and the Wayback Machine doesn’t have the part of the site with the winks.

Does anyone have an archive of winks somewhere? In particular I’m thinking of some Star Wars ones: “I sense a disturbance in the force” and “Yoda says yo.”

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I finally found those winks

However, Windows 10 won’t let me run the installer it comes bundled with to actually add them to Messenger; it just says the file is potentially harmful and removes it without giving me the option to restore it. I’ve messed around with Smartscreen settings and set everything to off, but it still refuses to allow me to install it. Any ideas?
(I’ve run the installer on Windows 7 just fine. Norton doesn’t detect any viruses in it either.)

And I’d still like to find more winks if someone’s sitting on a pile of them. :wink:

Disable Windows Defender real time protection.